This command allows you to send anonymous confessions through the text channel or by direct messages.

Direct Message

The bot will send your confession to the User ID or @Mentioned user, remember not to insult, be hateful or annoying.

Syntax: sh! confession dm <UserID> or <@Mention> [Your confession]


sh! confession dm 1234567890987654321 Hey! you are a nice person.
sh! confession dm @Quantime I like you, you are a good boy!

Text Channel

If the server does not have a confession channel setted, it will send it on the channel that the confession has been made.

Syntax: sh! confession channel [Your confession]


sh! confession channel At school I fell in love with my teacher.

The aliases for this sub-command is ch


This command is going to take a random confession and display it in the channel.

Syntax: sh! confession random <dm or channel>


sh! confession rand dm
sh! conf rand ch

Aliases: conf cf


Remember that moderators may censor users and not allow them to use confession commands.